Where to Pick Up Supplies in Homer for Your Brown Bear Adventure

Before heading out on your big adventure into remote Alaska, you’ll want to make sure you’re fully prepared with everything you could need for the day. This will include rain gear, comfortable shoes, sun protection, bug spray, and food. Since you’ll be flying into one of the most remote parks in the U.S., don’t count on nearby stores and services. So, what if you forgot something at home?

If you’ve never been to Homer before, you might have no idea what kind of services will be available in our small town at the End of the Road. Thankfully, we have a great selection of stores to get you what you need before take-off. Keep in mind that many Homer establishments close early, especially during the week. We recommend arriving in Homer with ample time to spare (a day or two before) so you can pick up any last-minute items or in case there is a delay in travel.

Where to pick up extra gear and outdoor supplies

Have you heard the saying, “there’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad gear.” Well, it definitely rings true in Alaska. Here, the clothes you wear can make or break your experience. Be sure you have what you need to stay comfortable and safe before departure so you can enjoy your adventure to the fullest.

Ulmer’s Drug & Hardware is Homer’s one-stop shop for all things outdoors, hardware, pharmacy, home goods, and more. Rarely will you leave Ulmer’s without finding what you need, and most likely, you’ll also find something you didn’t. If it’s better rain gear, waterproof shoes, or a daypack, Ulmer’s is the place to go. Alternatively, you could stop by the Kachemak Gear Shed or Nomar for cold weather gear and supplies, too.

a rain gear aisle in a stoor with a blue wall at the end

Note: If your brown bear adventure will be accessing the Moraine Creek area of Katmai where hip waders are necessary, you do not need to bring or wear waterproof shoes or hiking boots. On these trips, we provide waders that come with rain boots attached. Just make sure you’ve got wool socks!

Where to grab groceries

The Safeway off the Sterling Highway is probably your best bet for groceries, pre-made sandwiches, snacks, etc. Safeway also typically has extended opening hours, so if it’s late and you still need something, this is your best bet. 

If Safeway looks too crowded or you’d rather try somewhere more local, head to Save-U-More off Greatland Street. This discount and bulk buy grocery has a great selection of Costco products, international foods, Trader Joe’s items, and more. There’s also a deli with hot food and a sushi counter with pre-made rolls to go. 

Where to pick up a boxed lunch

If you’d rather pick up a boxed lunch from one of our restaurants, we have a few favorite options. La Baleine on the Homer Spit offers to-go boxed breakfast and lunch from 7 am-3 pm, Wednesday-Sunday. This is also a favorite spot to come for breakfast or lunch during one of your free days in Homer.

hand holding up

River Cafe is another fantastic spot. Along with a wide selection of meals, they also offer to-go boxed lunches. Typically open at 6:30 am, you could pick up your lunches through their drive-thru before heading to your flight.

Where to grab coffee before your flight

To grab a cup of joe or a hot chai before your departure, swing by Star’s Coffee drive-thru on Ocean Drive before turning onto our street. They typically open at 6 am and offer a wide selection of drinks, along with muffins and other breakfast treats. Alternatively, you could stop by Captain’s Coffee on Pioneer Ave before making your way to Beluga Lake. Captain’s has a larger selection of breakfast options available and could also prepare to-go lunches if enough time to wait allows.

Now that you’re prepared for your adventure, it’s time to sit back, relax, and enjoy a day full of brown bears within one of the United State’s most remote and fascinating national parks!

For a more detailed list of items, refer to our blog post on what to pack. To plan your visit to Homer, check out our blog on the perfect five day itinerary.