Check-in at the Homer Beluga Lake Office on your travel date is 8:30 a.m. and we will depart around 9:00 a.m. Exact time will vary according to the group and how long it takes to load the aircraft. The flight to bear country is about 1 hour and 30 min each way. On average we return to Homer around 5pm.

Bring Lunch, Snacks, & Drinks

You will be hungry. Bring food and snacks (enough to last throughout the day). Please do not leave any garbage at bear viewing site. Bring plenty to drink (water is best).

What to wear

PLEASE DRESS APPROPRIATELY for cool, wet weather. We highly recommend layering: t-shirt, turtleneck, sweatshirt, coat, raincoat and rain-pants, extra socks (for a better fit in our loaner hip boots in June and August), hiking shoes in July and September, gloves and hat.


We are in the Alaskan wilderness and there are no lavatories at bear viewing sites. Bring toilet tissue and a plastic bag to take your used tissues back for disposal.

Bugging out

Unfortunately, there are lots of mosquitos in Alaska, so we suggest bringing insect repellant with at least 30% DEET. In addition, you might consider insect-repellant clothing.

Packing it in

You should bring a good quality daypack that will hold your lunch, water, camera equipment and anything else you’ll need.

Smile for the camera

We suggest bringing extra batteries and storage cards for your camera. Binoculars aren’t necessary, but feel free to bring a pair.

What Not to Bring

DO NOT bring pepper spray or bear spray. Pepper spray does not repel bears and can be deadly to the pilot and passengers if accidentally discharged during flight. Firearms are not permitted and Federal law prohibits firearms in the aircraft or in the park.

Weight limitations

We reserve the right to limit the amount of carry-on baggage. A small backpack and camera equipment, or 10-12 pounds is allowed per passenger. To ensure passenger safety and comfort, we cannot accommodate passengers weighing 300 lbs. and over fully dressed.

All trips are weather-dependent with limits set by the Federal Aviation Administration. If we are unable to go because of weather, each passenger has an option to a full refund or to rebook another date (on a space available basis).

If you’d like to know what to expect on your Alaskan brown bear adventure, head this way.